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A4tech bezdrátová sluchátka Bloody M70, Bluetooth

Typ slúchadiel:Štuple; Rozhranie slúchadiel:BlueTooth; Vlastnosti slúchadiel:Ovládanie hlasitosti.

Kód produktu546725
Part numberM70
EAN produktu4711421956604
Záruka:24 mesiacov, IČO 12 mesiacov
Skladová dostupnosť:Na sklade2ks
Bežná cena
49.25 €
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35.76 €
Vaša cena vrátane DPH
42.91 €
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Strážny pes


  • Stable, Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity - Bluetooth v5.0 improves the stability of the wireless connection for more seamless audio and video sync and requires less power.
  • Ultra-Low Latency Technology - Bluetooth v5.0 Independent Transmission offers an extremely low input latency, which means its audio stays synced with your device and will never stutter.
  • Game / Music Modes - Featured by Smarter Listening Technology, it enhances your listening experience with Dual-Mode options.
  • M.O.C.I. Dome Tech - M.O.C.I. (Mycelium of Carbon IT) is the soul and heart of Golden Sound. Made of advanced biotechnology with bred nano mycelium and carbon fiber to offer the metal rigidity with paper-like thinness. This optimum diaphragm dome is made to create high-resolution and precise notes for highs and mids and unfolds music to its full potential.
  • Extended Playtime 24H - Battery life can last for up to 6-hours per charge, but no need for concern if you' re on-the-go. Simply recharge your earphones for another 18-hours playtime with the aluminum charging case.
  • Wireless Transmission Independently - Earbuds on either side of the ear works independently and transmits sound to left and right ears simultaneously. No need to worry about switching or missing a connection. The earbuds can take calls using either, or both, of the earbuds. This allows you to alternate their recharging.
  • Control At Your Fingertips - With just finger touch, you can use them to play/pause music, receive/end calls, switch modes, enter voice assistant(Siri, etc).
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation - Dual ENC noise cancelling microphone filters most ambient noises for prompt & clear teammate communication with crystal clarity.
  • Water Resistant and Dust Resistant (IPX4) - Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, you can work out to your favorite tunes and have the freedom to wear these wireless earbuds during a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Slide-Lid Charging Case - Magnetically sliding lid charging case flashes in neon backlight as you slide it open.
  • Thanks to Automatic Connects - Automatically connected to your phone as soon as you pull out from the case.
  • Enter Voice Assistant - Go smarter with your favorite voice assistant, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and Siri, etc.


Speaker Size 6 mm
Frequency Response 20 Hz-20 kHz
Earphone Sensitivity 99 dB @ -10 dBFS
Mic. Sensitivity -42 dB @1 kHz/Pa
Earphone Impedance 16 Ohm
Bluetooth Version v5.0
Operation Distance 10 m
Earphone Battery Type Lithium Battery (60 mAh)
Charging Case Battery Type Lithium Battery (400 mAh)
Charging Power 5V=1A
Earphone Charging Time <1.5 h (Low Battery to Fully Charged)
Case Charging Time <2 h (Low Battery to Fully Charged)
Music Playtime with Single Charge =6 h
Playtime from Charging Case =24 h
Weight 55 g

Typ slúchadiel: Štuple
Rozhranie slúchadiel: BlueTooth
Vlastnosti slúchadiel: Ovládanie hlasitosti
Aktuálna cena produktu je42.91€  s dph
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